The “Campo Base” mountain refuge and campsite is situated in the upper Maira Valley in an excellent position on the main valley floor of the Maurin river at the foot of the Castello and Provenzale mountains. It is a strategic point of departure and a useful base for a wide range of itineraries, both in the summer (for example, along the footpaths of the GTA, the Via Alpina, Percorsi Occitani, or for tours of the Chambeyron, Oronaye and Soubeyran) and winter seasons (for example, along the cross-country skiing trails at Acceglio, or snowshoeing towards the Grange Cervet).

Indeed, hiking in the Upper Maira Valley offers wonderful opportunities to come into contact with nature and experience the wonder of a beautiful and uncontaminated environment. Climbing the Rocca Provenzale and Torre Castello is also an unforgettable experience, as is the classic mountain bike route towards the Colle di Bellino.

The main summer and winter itineraries from Campo Base are listed in the relevant sections. Other itineraries will be added to this site as and when they are discovered and their distinct flora, fauna, scenery and cultures described. These descriptions will be accompanied by commentary notes, maps and photographs.

Detailed information on itineraries and bookings for organised excursions can be requested at the Campo Base refuge itself, where local maps and guides can be consulted and purchased.

The itineraries have been highlighted and photographed by the nature tour guide Enrico Collo.